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A photo from the latest Countryfile blog about life in Eden (image thanks to ©Keo Films)

I’m afraid I have been cheating a little; this is no longer my only blog… I have recently begun writing for Countryfile Magazine.

The posts are still about life on Skye but are slightly different from what I write on here in that the Countryfile articles far less rambling and wobbly (I even get the luxury of having them edited for me!)
I’ll post links to each piece published so you can read both.


Feeding the piggies -a photo from my latest Countryfile blog post (image thanks to ©Keo Films)

My latest blog for them was about being on Eden. Unlike previous articles I wanted to focus on the behind-the-scenes stuff, the positive things and what I want to remember about the experience.
I was even lucky enough to get permission from the production company to use some of the unseen photos taken whilst we were in there (I’ve used some of them here too, courtesy and copyright of KEO films)
It’s the only time I’ve gone into depth about life in there and it’s probably the only thing I will ever write about it so it’s incredibly personal to me.
You can read it here: Life on Eden: A Year of Living in the Wild


The resident robin, one of the animal characters I wrote about for Countryfile Mag (image thanks to ©Keo Films)


4 thoughts on “Countryfile Magazine

  1. Katie! What a read that was. Let me start by saying that I’m not opposed to this kind of cheating. Because wow, that is a beautiful piece. And those photos! Particularly of the robin and vole, with that wonderful depth of field. The photos made my throat hurt, and when I read about the fire, the tears came. Thank you for sharing.


  2. What a read Katie. The show didn’t capture half the psychological experience that it must have been. Becoming immersed in nature, friends with the wildlife, the changes on the body. What an incredible experience.


    • Thanks Anna! Yeah, it was strange seeing what they showed on telly versus what we’d been through, the psych doctor actually told us not to watch it since it could never match our experiences -very true but too hard to resist! Really appreciate that you took the time to read it though, it’s lovely to be able to speak about what t was actually like xx


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