Alpkit: Go nice places, do good things

I was thinking this morning about all the things I’ve been up to over the past year that I’ve still yet to write about… foraging missions… whale rescue training… trips to Applecross, Harris, Glasgow, Edinburgh…
Then it occurred to me that I’d never shared the video made for Alpkit by Dom Bush who came to stay last August (blog post here)

Cumbria-based kit-makers Alpkit don’t just make fantastic products (their filoment jacket is probably the warmest, lightest thing I own) -they also have a really great ethos and attitude.
The company motto is ‘Go nice places, Do good things’ and they have a really dynamic and refreshing approach to how a business interacts with its customers. It’s a brand I’m really chuffed to have been involved with and highly recommend (and no, I’m not getting paid to say that).
You can see the adventures they get up to on their Facebook page here.

Dom Bush of Land and Sky Media is a fantastic award-winning filmmaker and it was great to have the chance to be filmed by him. Please ignore me and my lispy ramblings and just enjoy his beautiful camera skills…

To see more videos by Dom for Alpkit check out the Screenroom section of the Alpkit website here. The one about fell-runner Nicky Spinks is amazing -she’s a superwoman!
As well as a catalogue of their products they’ve got lots of interesting blog posts to inspire you to try out your own adventures.


A leaving note…

One thought on “Alpkit: Go nice places, do good things

  1. Love the Alp Kit…might have to place an order me thinks!!! Loved the short film too…only wished it was a looooong film as was hanging onto every bit of it and then it ended…..shucks! I had better not let you in on a secret that 99% of NZ looks like that otherwise you might just head ‘Down Under’ to put a shrimp on the barbie (no, wait …that is Australia…I must be confused haha). You would love NZ and it is warmer BUT having said that….I fell in love with Skye and there are only two places on earth I would live, Skye and NZ. I watched the ‘Skye Wall’ short film on the Land and Sky Media site too…awesome! Skye Bridge even looked good! Thank you once again Katie for another awe inspiring post.


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