Never say no to an adventure

We’re probably all a bit fatigued with inspirational quotes at the moment. They’re posted in Facebook and Instagram, plastered over T-shirts and cushions…

‘Never let go of your dreams’

‘Be your own inspiration’

‘Believe in yourself’

Let’s face it, they get pretty annoying after a while.
But sometimes you find a motto in life that deserves to be celebrated. Something to repeat to yourself whenever you’re faced with a choice. Something that even deserves to be written over an over-edited picture of a pretty landscape and made into an annoying inspirational quote…

Mine is to ‘never say no to an adventure’.

Life is short and this has served me well so far so I’m keeping it.

And it’s something I’ve listened to recently… This week I packed up my little cottage in the North End of Skye and moved out.
I’ve had plenty of adventures there that I still need to write about, WILL definitely write about. Just not yet, because, in the meantime, I’m off on another adventure.

It’s not the end of my Skye journey or even my life on Skye but it’s the end of my life in that house and a little pause in proceedings.
I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to write about when I get back (it won’t be long) but, right now, it’s time for adventures…




11 thoughts on “Never say no to an adventure

  1. Sounds exciting….where are you off to? No way can you just drop a clanger like that blog post and not give some insight into where the adventure is going to be. Come on…I am dying here!


  2. I always tried to say yes to any adventure but missed the Army’s Kulu expedition in ’73 and Crispin Agnew’s Mt Api expedition in ’78 ‘because of work’ and have big regrets about them. Many of my career-go-getting and ‘successful’ colleagues now want some of the fun I had but even a big pension (sadly often accompanied by a big girth) will not bring back the fitness and courage of youth. Go for it every time while you are young enough – age soon comes along to slow you down!


  3. Good luck with the new adventure – whatever it is and wherever it takes you. Thanks for sharing your life on Skye with a stranger from Melbourne. I have loved receiving your blog when it lands and always look forward to the beautiful photos and writing. Hope this isn’t the end – but if it is, know that you have given your readers much pleasure!


  4. I have just one bare and brutal quote for you, I miss you where ever you are, whatever the galaxy you have touched down… your writing, your lights, your anecdotes have been really inspirationnal for a lot of people… and i have a wish that something gets back from that adventure…

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