In this post I wanted to share something with you that I’m really proud of being involved with. It includes two very talented Gaelic gentlemen, a band I listen to on repeat, the haunting vocals of Kathleen MacInnes and some of my most favourite places.

The awesome thing about living on this island is that there’s always something fun and creative going on, you never know what you’ll get up to from one week to the next…


I’ll begin by letting you know about three things that I love:

-The water
-Music by the Skye-grown band Niteworks

So, when Dòl Eoin, a talented filmmaker I’d met on the set of Bannan, offered me the chance to take part in the band’s new video there was no way I could refuse.


Dòl Eoin scouting out the locations around Lealt Falls, where the protagonist climbs away from the waterfall

The words of ‘Maraiche’ are sung in Gaelic and they tell the tale of a woman who has lost her love to the sea.
Dòl Eoin’s vision for the video begins at a Niteworks gigwhere we see her catch a glimpse, or maybe just a memory, of her departed sailor as she becomes entranced by the music. Chasing this vision she races through the streets of Glasgow and we follow her and her memories, Alice In Wonderland-style, towards the sea…

We began filming in familiar Glasgow spots (Ashton Lane, the Tradeston Bridge) then moved on to some of Skye’s most-loved locations; Neist Point, The Fairy Pools, Lealt Falls….
I only had about a week before I was due to leave for Eden and we had multiple locations to shoot in over a number of days so it was a race against time.


At the Fairy Pools. Dòl Eoin sets up the camera whilst Calum looks on.

My ‘lost sailor’ in the video is someone who loves the water even more than me.
If you live in Scotland and use social media you’ve probably already seen Calum Maclean.
The video of a nutter swimming through a high-altitude icy loch? That’ll be Calum. The naked bum disappearing behind a magnificent waterfall? Probably also Calum. If you haven’t already seen him, look him up, his short videos for BBC Scotland’s The Social are well worth a watch.

They may be a Caribbean blue but the Fairy Pools in March aren’t the warmest of waters (in fact, they’re equally freezing in the summer months too…)
Tourists looked on in confusion whilst, fully clothed, we ducked under, fell off ledges and attempted to film an underwater kiss.
When we finally finished I realised I couldn’t have done much longer. I shuddered big, involuntary juddering shivers and I slid and stumbled down the muddy track back to our cars with limbs barely working -a mild case of hypothermia that was cured by a few hours in a warm pub!
It was worth it though, the aquamarine water of the Fairy Pools made a stunning backdrop to the music.


A picture rudely swiped from Calum’s Instagram (sorry @caldamac!) It was as chilly as it looks but I love the yellow against the turquoise of the Fairy Pools

Whilst I’m obviously biased, I think Dòl Eoin captured the spirit of ‘Maraiche’ perfectly. I’m was chuffed, still am chuffed, that he’d choose me to work with.

Of course, I didn’t get to see the finished video until I’d left Eden earlier this year but I was thrilled to finally watch it (though I often sat on those Ardnamurchan sand dunes humming Niteworks tunes to myself as I watched the tide go out)

If you’d like to watch it too, you can find it here: Niteworks – Maraiche (feat. Kathleen MacInnes)


A still shot at Lealt Falls

To learn more about Niteworks and hear the rest of the album visit their webpage

14 thoughts on “Maraiche

  1. Last year we went to the Fairy Pools, I’d seen so many beautiful images of it that it was on my’must see’ list. That is until I saw the gazillion other folk wanting to see it too. The queues down the path to the pools were horrendous. I will get there some time but either in winter or very very early in the morning! I shall go and watch the video link now x


    • Ah, that’s a shame, I’m sorry to hear that. Like Storr and the Quiraing, it does seem to be getting worse and worse down there -I tend to avoid visiting in the summer months as it’s too sad to see crowds, cars and litter in such a special place. There are visitors all year round but out of season at first light or sunset you can still find a ray of Fairy Pools magic (I also highly recommend a Christmas or New Years Day dip. It sounds braver than it is since I’m pretty certain it’s just as cold in August!)
      K x


  2. Two posts in one day! Wonderful.
    And wow, this is impressive. But a great experience, what a compliment, what a song, what a result. And yes, that photo with the yellow dress and the turquoise… that photo is (probably more in hindsight that realized at the moment itself…) worth all that you endured. Because wow, how cold you must have been.
    Love the music, love the album. Came across it online a while ago, but somehow went to the back of my mind then. But now it’s here to stay and it’s been on repeat this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just read a few comments on that video on YouTube.
    “They should pick this girl to play “Deirdre of the Sorrows”. There is something misterious in her face, as if she came from another age. Put her a gown and a brooch, and you have a Celtic queen.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pretty cool video 🙂 I was following your blog before you went to Eden, you even inspired me to visit Skye, where my now husband asked me to marry him 🙂 On the Coral beach 🙂 I’m glad you are back, I like to read your adventures 🙂 Can’t wait for another one 😉 And more photos of Skye, please! 🙂 I miss it… especially in this hot, hot summer we now have (36°C? Whose idea was it?).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jana, that’s fantastic… I’m chuffed to bits that you liked it so much that it became your proposal place! I’m not surprised he chose Coral Beach, it’s magical. How did he do it? Maybe you should make this your place to visit for anniversaries..? xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The album has been playing ever since this post. My favourites are ‘Poor Ben’, ‘Somhairle’ and ‘Eilean’. The album, along with the Peatbog Faeries albums, will most definitely be on my phone when I’m there on my own next year. I’ll bring a little speaker so I can dance in sock and pj’s. Or use it as alarm clock music for the few sunrise trips I want to make, to help me get up. 🙂


  6. Hey Katie! Saw this and the press about the show. Hope all’s ok and you are recovering! Sounds really stressful – come visit London soon. Ed


    • Hi Ed, thanks for your message!
      Yes, it is all quite nerve-wracking, especially not knowing what they’ll be showing (though I have a rough idea!)
      Kind messages like yours are very nerve-easing though! x


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