After ‘Eden’


Once I’ve replaced the ingrained Scottish dirt with a real-life tan!


Hello long lost friends!

Unless you happen to be my Mum or my Nan, you probably haven’t noticed that I’ve barely posted since returning from Channel 4’s ‘Eden’ project but…

I’ve purposefully hung back from blogging since re-entering ‘the real world’. Much of my post-Eden life has been influenced by the experience and so it’s tricky to write openly without giving a few things away (we’re sworn to secrecy to not leak info on the programme before it airs!)
Not that I’ve had much time to twiddle my thumbs or write recently -catching up has been buuuuuuusy, but more on that another time…


A little bit of post-Eden luxury in Santorini. Well-earned, I’d like to think!

But now Eden is coming back to our screens. Not only that, it’s coming back as ‘Eden: Paradise Lost’, a reference to how dark it became in there as everyone was pushed to their limits (prepare to see me ugly crying about 99% of the time…)
Did you notice the Lord of the Flies picture reference at the bottom of my last post, just imagine that story but with more booze and swearing. Egads!

Press interest is ramping up and I’m holding my breath as to what is included in the series. There will be 5 episodes shown over 5 nights and I don’t think they’ll be showing us skipping round a campfire holding hands…


‘Eden:Paradise Lost’

I’m dead nervous about the whole thing… Will I come across badly? Will I embarrass myself? Do I look like an idiot? Will people hate me?
There’s no way of predicting it. I do know, however, that I stayed true to myself and my beliefs even when it sucked! Whatever happens, at least that’s something!

Right, I’ve already said too much about all that… shhh Katie!

So, I can’t detail Eden stuff but I will try and write general posts about what I’m up to at the moment. Because I’m having to skirt around certain topics, things might not be in chronological order but I’ll write more as things unfold on screen.
Not long now, deep breaths…


Eden: Paradise Lost starts on the 7th August, 10pm, Channel 4 (please forgive me all the ugly crying and losing my cool)

19 thoughts on “After ‘Eden’

  1. So damn lovely to hear from you girl!
    Hate you, never !! Total respect more like
    Really really hope to see you sometime soon when we can have a good old belly laugh.
    Much love Donna and Ian x

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hello! Oh, it’s definitely been far too long, I hope that you’re all well -give my love to the boys. A trip to Spain is very overdue, if I don’t get over this autumn hopefully we’ll see you in Spring xxx


  2. You are writing your blog again Katie and that is important – for us because we like what you write and for you because things are going to get very ‘interesting’ – possibly as in the ancient Chinese curse – when the Eden TV programme airs. I’ll watch but through half closed eyes. We have a planned trip to Harris via Skye in October looking forward to that.

    You may not remember but you sold my wife a cute Highland Cow brooch (silvery twisted wire) in Portree – big panic last week when it was lost but a good citizen handed it in so peace has been restored.


    • Thanks Paul, it means a lot to have your wise words and support.
      It’s been a long time since I sold a wire brooch but I vaguely remember it -it’s brilliant that you found it again. Kindness prevails!
      October’s a perfect time to visit Harris, those colours will be stunning xx


  3. Katie I’m so pleased to read your post. I completely understand that you are limited as to what you can say regarding ‘Eden’…. which is good because then we all get to see it occur as we should, gradually. I’m looking forward to it. As you say, you stayed true to yourself, and that’s the most important thing, so well done you. Just enjoy being back ‘in the real world’ and rest as I think once Eden airs again, you’ll be in demand xx


    • Hi Allie, great to hear from you! That is such a lovely message, thank you 🙂
      I hope that you’re well, you must be coming quite close to your New Start now? xx


      • Hi Katie. You are very welcome. I am well thank you, I hope you are too and are taking things a bit easy now you’re back in the land of the living 😊
        I was hoping for my ‘new start’ in Jan next year but I’m having to put it back for a while unfortunately. I’m gutted but that’s life!! I’m coming up to Arisaig area for the August Bank Holiday at the end of August and I’ll be popping onto Skye to have a good look round, I can’t wait. The call to the Highlands gets stronger every day xx


      • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. If it helps at all, Skye isn’t going anywhere fast and the restaurants and pubs are getting better with each season, they’ll be even better when you do make it!
        I haven’t spent much time in Arisaig but I’ve heard that the sea kayak tours there are incredible for seeing dolphins -maybe something to put on the list if you haven’t planned everything already?
        I’ll have a word and try and order in some good sunshine for the end of the month… 😉
        K x

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      • The last time I was in Arisaig it was beautiful weather, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this visit too. As long as I get to sit and ‘just be’ on my favourite beach, Camusdarach Beach, which is in between Arisaig & Mallaig, then I’ll be happy 😁 That whole area is stunning and well worth a visit when you’re next in the area xx


      • Sounds amazing. Sitting and just ‘being’ has got to be one of the greatest pleasures in life -if only things weren’t so busy all the time! xx

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