As of today I have lived on Kilmaluag Bay for 6 months (or on Skye for 6 months and 10 days!)

How time flies!

It was around now that I had planned to return to London after my ‘relaxing’ getaway to the Hebrides.
In reality I’ve fallen in love with Skye, it’s people and it’s nature, it would break my heart to leave so soon.
Strangely, when I moved here I didn’t experience that feeling of adventure that I thought I’d find… I simply felt like I was home.
Besides, I can’t leave now when there’s still so much left to see and do…

With all this, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, commented on it or shared it with friends over the last 6 months.


Kilmaluag Bay in the sunshine yesterday. After 6 months of winter I can't miss out on the sunshine!

Kilmaluag Bay in the sunshine yesterday. After 6 months of winter I can’t miss out on this sunshine!


I literally cannot over-express how much it means to me that you’ve taken the time to read my blethering blog posts. It’s been great having you all with me and I hope I haven’t bored you all too much!

Every single one of you mean a great deal to me and I’m constantly surprised when I find out that someone new is reading this.
For example, it was lovely to meet my new-ish neighbours (hello!) from across the bay yesterday at The Single Track Cafe. You made my day when you told me that you follow my posts!
I’m also amazed at the connections and kindness that I’ve encountered via my blog (KM working at Duntulm, I’m looking at you here!)
Even being offered work with online magazines to write about food and archaeology of all things has been pretty special! So cheers for all that too.


I'm very moo-ved by your support :)

I’m very moo-ved! 🙂

I suppose after 6 months I’m not technically that much of a ‘new girl’ anymore…
Though before I moved here I heard that an incomer had to survive a winter to become one of the people of Skye. When I got here it had changed to three winters. Not so long ago I was told it was actually five!
So it looks like I can keep my blog name for a little while longer…

Thanks again and lots of love,

Katie xxx

9 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. Katie happy 6 months and 10 days 🙂 my goodness you have had a fair few adventures in that time and thanks for sharing them with your readers and writing up the blog so beautifully. It looked like one heck of a busy March from reading your previous post and I’m sure some Skye quiet time will be a great tonic.
    Whalefest sounds fab and not something I knew about. I did recognise Monty Hall as I’d seen and enjoyed his escape to Applecross a few years ago.
    Hope the next 6 months are just as exciting and rewarding,
    all the best x


  2. We have been with you on every step of your amazing journey. You have brought the island into our home and our hearts. It’s on my bucket list,!! As you know we love our whales too… Mucho amo Donna x


    • Thanks Donna, please come and visit sometime and we can go whale watching together (post-boat sunshine and sangria not guaranteed!)
      Hope the family are well, sending my love to everyone! x


  3. A beautifully written blog which takes you on a journey on and around the breathtaking island of sky as if you were there yourself.


  4. great blog katie!

    just discovered it whilst googling other stuff after a visit to skye last weekend….i’m ALSO up here from london for a few months, albeit in glenmoriston, doing conservation/forestry work.

    will be sure to keep reading your blog now!



    • Thanks Neil,
      Conservation/forestry work sounds like fun, there are so many interesting projects happening up here with all the replanting of native woodlands etc. I’ve never been to Glenmoriston though, is it worth a visit?
      If you’re working outside I hope that you’ve escaped the dismal weather we’ve been having over here this week!
      K x


      • it’s not too bad but you probably don’t need to visit! if you haven’t been to glen affric then I recommend that more – how Scotland should look (had the trees not all been felled and replaced with non native species!). it’s like a foreign land full of big bonsai trees (mature scots pines).
        I have taken so long to reply that it’s now nice again! hot hot hot X


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